Online social pollings

Asking the same questions to people of different ages, traditions, places of residence we want to create free international statistical database on Social Statistics

In what families do they live?


How do they keep their households?


How and where do they work?


How do they spend their free time?


What and how do they eat?


How do they move and travel?


How do they feel about friendship and communication?


Take part in a survey!

We still need more information from different people to collect more trustworthy and comprehensive statistics

You can help by answer to any number of questions

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Our participants:

Total Questionnaires: 6007
Total Answers: 149107

1: Male: 49%
2: Female: 51%
1: 16-25 : 65%
2: 26-35 : 18%
3: 36-45 : 10%
4: 46-55 : 6%
5: 56-65 : 0%
6: 61+: 0%
1: Africa: 1%
2: Asia: 10%
3: Australia: 2%
4: Europe: 54%
5: North America: 26%
6: Oceania: 0%
7: South America: 6%
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You can try to find comprehensive answers for these and other social questions using listed above statistics or any other statistics in categories