Statistics review

On this page are presented observations on statistics or categories which caused special interest of users relying on recent tags popularity or visitors statistics, or just statistics which seem unusual either simply interesting supervision and interesting facts about statistics presented on the website.

The most popular statistics of the website which users mostly visit are questions devoted to people appeal and height.

It is interesting to note difference when explore how men and women answer separately to these related questions:

What do you consider the most attractive height for a women?

What do you consider the most attractive height for a men?

The following on popularity are questions on belief in the God and on belief in life after death. These questions were approximately equally popular.
It is interesting to compare result statistics for these questions. If quantity of people which trust in the God does not coincide with quantity of people which believe in life after death, it can testify to features of Belief of people. Here are these questions:

Do you believe in God?

Do you believe in life after death?

Two other popular questions which concerns supernatural are the questions about ghosts and the common question about paranormal:

Have you ever seen or heard a ghost?

Have you ever seen some supernatural or paranormal phenomena?

The question about UFO stay near to them on popularity:

Do you believe in UFOs?

Unexpectedly popular among others was the question about nuclear families.

I do not think that the question on full families much more popular than others within the limits of the all Internet, it is simple most likely our website is just one of few websites touching this question:

Were you raised in a nuclear family (with both a father and mother present)?

The question about chocolate was the most popular from the questions about meal:

How often do you eat chocolate?

The question about credits is most popular from the questions about money and the finance:

Are you currently paying off any kinds of debts or credit?

The questions about month of birth and superstitions were most required from questions about personal information:

What is the month of your birth?

The statistics about months of a birth is not uniform. No doubts, it could lead from statistical error due to insufficient sample or not representative sample of audience. But probable there are some other objective reasons influencing on it. Climate is the one of them. There are more and less favorable season of the year in the most places of the Earth. This way climate could influencing on people life and finally on birth month statistics (or zodiac signs distribution) through sequence of chain elements.

Separately taken person could consider superstition as the individual habit, the following popular enough in users question shows how much global this phenomenon is:

Are you a superstitious person?

Here again a question about star signs:

What is your star sign?

It was pleasant to see, that some people answer 1.5 for the question about often people clear their teeth:

How often do you brush your teeth?

The question about number of friends has appeared more popular from other questions about friendship and friends:

How many real friends do you have?

The following question was possibly requested by people which are interested in questions of migration, within the limits of Social statistics:

Would you like to live in another country?

The question about colds enough popular from users. However the main part of search requests connected to it appear simular to "Why I have caught a cold?"

How often do you get colds or flu?

As the statistics of search requests show, people often come into the website by request "statistics to listen to music". We have added such question recently. Here it is:

How often do you listen to music?

Another new questions on our website looks pretty popular are questions about love and love at first sight:

Do you believe in love?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Oh! We are also recently replace old categories with new ones which are more obvious. Here is several which could be more interesting to explore.

Home This category contain now statistics which concerns living conditions and home or household issues of our visitors. In which type of habitation our visitor live, how many rooms are in there, etc.

Family Contain statistics devoted to composition and structure of the family of our visitors and cast light on the facts who are in family, how many members, who carry out some special types of duty, what is the traditions of the family, etc.

Work This is one more special group of statistics devoted to relationship between man and his work, study or something which the man can say it is "life-work" or even "life-mission" for him. The last two are the reason why we also can add to this category questions not concerns immediately relations between man and his job, but something that man could describe "It is a kind of job for me".

Social position and opinions This category contain wide range of statistics which project people's attitude to different issues to the dimension of predefined answers (from UFO phenomenon to attitude to hunting animals for enjoyment or global warming, etc)

And one more category we would like to introduce is Animals I don't think there is some special solitary part in social science on how people interacts with animals. But it was very interesting for us how many people have pets, or which of them are more popular. And it was inconvenient to search this type of questions by tags every time. So we decided to pick them out to special category.