Social surveys: Family

This category contain surveys concerning family, relatives, relations between relatives, attitudes on matters concerning family. In particular, the given category questions are considered: number of members and family structure, number of generations in close family, qualitative and quantitative aspects of relations between close and far relatives, cross-generation contacts, family traditions, family "morals and manners" and etc. Also in the given section consider questions connected with the traditions of housekeeping which has been established in family. This kind of questions is more typical named "household" in other social surveys.

The subject of surveys of the given category is closely crossed with several other categories such as the "Home" (with questions oriented primarily on features of dwelling), "Marriage" aspects or even the "Personal information" (to disclose the respondent habits or way of life aspects in context of family and family relations). For comprehensive studying of family aspects we recommend you to address also to related categories and to widely use search function.

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