How many real friends do you have?

i.e. How many friends you have who you could rely on in a difficult situation (who would help you if you were in difficulties and not leave you to face your problems alone)

16% (57)
15% (54)
17% (61)
17% (61)
6% (21)
8% (30)
9% (33)
5% (17)
6% (21)
1% (2)
More likely 0 More likely 1 More likely 2 More likely 3 More likely 4 More likely 5 I think I have more than 5 real friends I think I have more than 10 real friends It's hard to say None of the above
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In this question we emphasized that we are talking about real friends, not just fellows or acquaintances. Using these statistics, you can find out: whether people on average tend to maintain close relations with only a few real friends, and vice versa how many people claim that they have a huge amount of real friends. It is also interesting to find out whether the number of friends changes with age. Please note that a person can put a different meaning to the concept of "true friend" in a different age. There is also a feeling that with the advent of the Internet and social networking nature of communication between people has changed, and it may also affect the concept of friendship and on the respondents answers. The collected statistics gives the researcher plenty of opportunities for further study of friendship and features of social relations according to the age of the respondent or any other factors related to the questions in our surveys.

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