Social surveys: Way of life

Day-to-day people activities includes wide range of personal habits, periodic processes, which is hardly to name exactly "attributes" of the individuality, rather they exist somewhere in between of the person and the overall environment created by life circumstance.

There is no doubt, that many of these processes are derivative from basic factors of the human life such as family, work, housekeeping, friends, etc. but we suppose that it will not be proper to bring respective kind of spatial surveys and questions directly to those categories, but in contrast to underline to notion of person and diverse enviroment surround of him and to conjecture that all of these questions is worthy to be placed into separate category. It is unimportant how far or close they arrange to one or another of determinative pole.

Probably It will be interesting for you to draw your attention for surveys in "Personal information" category which are oriented primarily onto person and his individual features.

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