What kind of chocolate do you prefer - milk or dark?

Please indicate which chocolate you like best

45% (129)
9% (25)
3% (10)
23% (65)
3% (9)
15% (43)
1% (4)
1% (2)
Milk chocolate More likely milk chocolate More likely dark chocolate Dark chocolate Neither one nor the other Both milk and dark It's hard to say None of the above
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Many people like chocolate, but, statistically, what kind of chocolate people like more? To help discover this question, we added such survey to our social statistics survey database. It should help curios researcher to go further from conducting a polling among fellows and surrounding, to research on the set of Internet users with different ages and from different countries. It will be probably significantly much larger number of people than you reach manually, but also be aware that the simple access to the audience - the advantage of the internet polling is the disadvantage at the same time since you can not reach people who don't use internet or do it rarely. So, if you need to build the comprehensive picture of the world you should calibrate internet polling data with some offline surveys (manufacturer stats, supply volumes). Anyway, you can claim you examine statistics of preferences for internet users. Using statistical slices next to distribution histograms you can discover preferences for people of different ages, gender, and other factors based on the quesitons in our database. You can also discover how preferences is changing with age, depending on the region or continent, who is the main consumer for a particular type of chocolate in the group.

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