Do you worry about environmental pollution?

i.e. Do you ever worry at all about pollution of the environment (water, air, forests, etc.)? It does not matter whether you take any concrete measures to protect the environment or not

4% (13)
4% (15)
9% (31)
18% (64)
33% (120)
30% (108)
3% (11)
0% (1)
No, I don't think there is a serious problem No More likely no More likely yes Yes Yes, very much It's hard to say None of the above
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The civilization evolving and interacting with the nature more and more. The things and objects surround us, in our everyday life need to be produced sometimes previously. Technology and technical progress is not safe for the environment "by default" if we do not pay some special attention to this. In addition, the society consumes energy, which is also need to be generate sometimes not only with the innovative power plants based on renewable energy sources, but also on the existing traditional plants (coal, nuclear). Does the society understands the threat of pollution? How widely the idea of caring for the environment is prevalent in the society? To get answers to these questions we have added this survey to our database. Using a statistical calculator you can view data breakdowns and discover how the answers is changed according to the region, country, etc. However, note that the statistical differences for different social groups are likely to be caused by several common root causes such as the condition of the environment in the places of residence of the users or the breadth of lighting ideas about the relationship between human activity and environmental problems. Thus, people living in areas with a high concentration of industries or worse environment, may be more concerned about this problem, and vice versa.

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